survivorIt’s unique from other team builds as ours is customized to your team and build around your objectives. Important values are Communication, Leadership, Goals and Problem Solving. Love it or hate it – everyone knows about it! It is very topical at the moment as the TV series is currently on our screens. The TV program, however, presents terrible role models for teamwork, trust, co-operation and synergy. We gave Survivor the Intensive Team Building treatment – kept the fun and challenge but cut out the selfishness and the destructive rivalry. The result is absorbing, motivational programs that will build your team not tear it apart.


Changes attitudes
Supports strategic planning
Develops leadership skills
Considers risk management
Promotes problem solving
Reinforces creative thinking
Shared experience
Uniting Teams


3 hours – 6 hours

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  1. Thandiwe says:

    Hi. Can I please get a quote for a group of 10 people (ladies). We want to do the wine making activity for fun only.

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