Knowing Me, Knowing You

Develop bonds for a strong, united team.

This fun and insightful team building event adds benefits to your work environment by creating a sense of business family.  Understanding what makes others tick is an essential part of building up a happy, healthy, committed workforce. Perfect for new and existing teams.Build up your group with insightful exercises; develop relationships, find solutions, communicate effectively. Colleagues gain a deeper understanding of the value of each member as they experience each other in a new light.


Collaborative group experience
Explores team identity
New perspectives about team and people
Variety of challenges
Left and right brain activities
Promotes tolerance
Suitable for everyone
Engages and entertains
Develops a sense of business family
Explores the strengths of a diverse team
Learning opportunities


2 hours – 4 hours

2 thoughts on “Knowing Me, Knowing You

  1. Looking for some team building activities to do on the 28th of October. Please could you quote.

  2. kim says:

    good afternoon,

    Please give me a quote for 40 delegates on 16 November 2016. What will your offering include? do you have your own venue? do you offer lunch? If so, what would that cost? Where are you based. do you provide these services to Cape Town?

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