Fun Combo

ele-marchThis team building games is action packed, causing plenty of fun and excitement. Everyone can participate in this activity and team work is required to successfully complete this activity.


Catty Shoot
Catty Shooting is also known as slingshot shooting. The Catty is a small hand-held weapon that is powered by pulling back an elastic strips that is joined to the small pocket that holds the items being shot. In ITB’s activities a target needs to be hit a certain number of times with the participants taking turns at trying to hit the target.

Elephant March
team building exercise generates lots of laughter as you can imagine. The contestant, wearing pantyhose on their head with a ball at one end, must swing their head side to side to knock down 8 bottles or cans. The objects are set in two rows, each row a certain distance apart. Each object in its row is 10 cm apart. All the objects need to be knocked over within the 1 minute period.


Indoors and Outdoors
0 hours – 1 hours

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