Corporate Sports Day

sportsCorporate sports day focuses on a well-organized single sporting event of your choice, and is one of our most popular outdoor team building activities. Team building in a sports environment encourages fun, interaction and bonding, and allows for maximum participation by all involved. Whether it is golf, tennis, lawn bowls, touch football, volleyball, cricket or any other sport, we can deliver a tournament that is as much fun or as serious as you may like. Pitches, greens, courts and courses are all carefully selected for their ambiance and proximity to your resort or work facilitates. Our own staff referees prepare the draw (chosen randomly or based on team selections provided by you), referees will provide the medals to be awarded to the winning teams. Sports Day can be develop into an annual contest, with teams competing for a perpetual trophy – a great way to encourage team spirit.


Indoors and Outdoors
2 hours – 8 hours

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